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Our technology

We combine RPA, Low Code, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make your accounting teams’ work easier.

Maximize your business efficiency

With intelligent invoice automation

Our technology combines Machine Learning and software robots to fully automate the invoice management process. With Devol 4 Invoices you can access and manage all the information related to your invoices easily and quickly. The robot automatically stores all metadata to generate an organized database that facilitates individual or group identification and tracking of invoices.

Robotize your processes

Optimize your company’s invoice management with process automation. With our market-leading RPA software, you can simplify the task of invoice registration in your corporate applications (ERP, CRM, document management, etc.) and apply efficient validation rules. Improve the productivity of your employees with the implementation of our software robots.

Hyper-automate your invoices

Our platform performs 6 processes automatically


Save time by incorporating invoices into your management system. Devol does it for you.


End manual data extraction processes and manual errors.


Record invoices in the ERP your accounting team usually works with.


You set the sorting parameters, the system automatically sorts and organizes the invoices.


Receive warnings of erroneous invoices to avoid errors in accounting entries.


Find any invoice with search filters and improve traceability.

Automate your invoice processing


Invoices are entered manually, from a shared folder or directly from email. It also has the added functionality of invoice management from the Outlook inbox.


An initial analysis is performed to remove the password, analyze the keywords, extract the necessary metadata (supplier, sector, etc.) or rotate it, if configured. This is an automatic process, which will subsequently dump all the information into the databases.


It is sent to recognition for identification of the fields. If there is something wrong detected, the invoice goes to verification, where you can monitor, correct and approve the invoice. Approvals can be made within the application or through cards presented in Microsoft Teams.

Automate your invoices and transform your accounting process

Talk to an expert and find out how you can reduce the workload of accounting teams by 60-90%, reduce approval times and save costs on vendor payments.

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