| Digitize the management of your supplier invoices

Reduces workload by up to 90%.

Discover a SaaS platform for your accounting team, based on Artificial Intelligence, intuitive and automated, that avoids human errors and systematically detects incorrect invoices, ensuring the reliability of your accounting entries and a better traceability of your expenses.

| Optimize your business management

Why do you need to automate your supplier invoices?

An organization’s employees can spend more than 30,000 hours a year manually processing invoices. Thanks to automation, this time can be reduced and manual errors can be eliminated. Automation also improves traceability, increases customization, and allows the creation of templates for each supplier and integration into ERP systems.

| Maximize your business efficiency

Improve the performance of your accounting department

We free accounting teams from repetitive and monotonous tasks.

Our supplier invoice automation platform helps you to reduce manual tasks to a minimum, you only need to digitize the invoices that still arrive on paper. In addition, with Machine Learning, it alerts you when you need to intervene and learns from your response for the future.

The platform also offers easy traceability, facilitating auditing tasks in quarterly closings and ensuring the reliability of your data.

Transform your invoice management

Validate your documents

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Your invoice processed and validated in

of your invoices do not require intervention
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Simplify your accounting process


Upload your invoices through an extraction of document and supplier metadata.


Automate your invoices with flexibility adapted to the typologies and parameters stipulated by the customer.


Data and parameters are checked according to their typology and cross-checked with existing files.


Add your invoices to your ERP, regardless of the service you use.

| Automate your financial management

Centralize all your invoices in one place

Access all your information from a single control panel. Manage the times, amounts and status of all your invoices from the management portal.

| Automate your financial management

Automation and robotization of processes

Devol 4 Invoices allows you to access and manage all your invoice information quickly and easily. The robot automatically stores all invoice metadata to generate an organized database that facilitates individual or group invoice identification and tracking.

| Automate your financial management

From your own inbox

Devol 4 Invoices allows the user to launch our platform directly from the same inbox where he receives the emails with the invoices in digital format.

Automate your invoices and transform your accounting process

Talk to an expert and find out how you can reduce the workload of accounting teams by 60-90%, reduce approval times and save costs on vendor payments.

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